Tuesday, 29 September 2009

First Blog

One of the great joys of this age is discovering how to mix and match technologies to achieve what we previously could not.
It's in that spirit that this Blog starts. Heaven knows where it will end, or travel en-route.

I'd planned to start with a rant, but actually don't have anything new to rant about today. Instead, some praise.
I stumbled across www.panorama-cities.net/bremen/schnoor.html, and just thought the presentation and use of the technology was stunning. Be sure to click the enlarge and/or widescreen buttons until a small hotspot circle shows. Click this to show larger hotspots on the photo - click these to branch from the main panorama down some of the side alleys.
Why Bremen? Ryanair had made Val and I an offer we couldn't refuse - a day trip to Bremen for less money than staying home. I'd worked there - let's just say the last century shall we - and loved it then. This was the first time I'd been back, and (on a sparkling, cloudless day) loved it more. A terrific, beautiful, compact and accessible city.

Well well, I do feel a rant coming on. Seems to me the Germans, Danes and Swedes have an Integrated Transport Policy. In gloomier moments I think we Brits have none of those 3 words. Bremen mixes frequent, cheap trams, bikes (OK, it's flat) and cars with a degree of seamlessness I don't see elsewhere. It looks to me as if they built the flyover (in front of the station) and much other such infrastructure before the traffic choked them to death, not after (as we try to do).

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